NXP RF solutions offer the industry's highest levels of integration and performance for enabling 5G cost-effective massive MIMO systems.

NXP changes the game for 5G by accelerating your mMIMO active antenna system design. No matter what frequency band or power, for transmit and receive, we enable 5G.

Benefits of NXP Front-End Solutions for 5G

  • Massive MIMO serves multiple users with ultra-fast data rates and consistent performance
  • Front-end solutions for 5G enablement address the significant and critical challenge of creating cost-effective cellular infrastructure capable of containing large-scale arrays of antenna transmitters and receivers
  • Highly integrated power amplifier solutions feature much smaller and more efficient form-factors and pin-compatibility
  • Network operators can plug-and-play between all frequency bands and power levels
  • Network operators can harness the full RF bandwidth for 5G

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IMS 2019

IMS 2019

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