Homebrew RF Design Challenge 2019

Winners Announced!

Homebrew RF Design Challenge


NXP received numerous creative submissions in this competitive Homebrew RF Design Challenge. We appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm from the community that made this contest a success. Here is the moment everyone's been waiting for as NXP announces the winners of the Homebrew RF Design Challenge!

First Place Winner

Second Place Winner

Third Place Winners

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NXP is hosting an RF power amplifier design contest. Applicants will record a video or create an article describing their power amplifier/demo using NXP's new 50 V, 100 W MRF101AN or 300 W MRF300AN RF power LDMOS transistor. The contest is open to students, professional engineers, companies or individuals.

Judging Criteria

Criteria Points
Creativity of the entry 30
Performance of the design 25
Quality of the RF design 25
Quality of the submission 15
Number of video and/or article views by the end of the submission period 5
Total 100
Note: Depending on the application, performance will be judged on criteria such as gain, bandwidth, efficiency and power.

How to Enter the Competition

  1. Read the Official Rules of the contest and for clarifying details also read the FAQs.
  2. To receive two MRF101AN or MRF300AN samples at no cost a description of the project and a PDF or image showing a detailed block diagram or high-level schematic of the design must be sent via this form and be approved by NXP. The description needs to be at least a 100-word summary. (Additional samples may be purchased from NXP distributors.)
  3. Assemble your design and record a video (3-5 minutes in length) or post an article (no more than 4 pages) showcasing a unique application that shows the performance of the NXP MRF100AN or MRF300AN RF power LDMOS transistor.
  4. Upload your video or publish your article and add "NXP Homebrew RF Design Challenge" in the keywords or title.
  5. Once your video or article is uploaded, email the URL to RFindustrial@nxp.com before Thursday, October 31, 2019.
  6. The 3 winners selected will be announced on November 14, 2019.

See Official Rules (PDF) for details.

The contest is not open to NXP employees or NXP distributors.