Tiny Single Chip Passive Keyless Entry/Go Solution

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  • Single-chip Security Transponder and Keyless Entry solution with on-chip multi-channel UHF Transmitter (310-447 MHz, 868/915 MHz upon request)
  • PCF7938/39 Family compatible transponder operation
  • 16 Bit RISC Architecture (MRK III)
  • Up to eigth command buttons
  • Low-power RISC programmable device operation
  • Programmable ASK/FSK modulation characteristics
  • EEPROM for extended data storage
  • High sensitive three axis (3D) LF front-end
  • Low power LF wake-up and data processing
  • Low power consumption for longlasting battery
  • Single Lithium cell operation, 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Highly integrated for minimum board space and low bill of materials
  • Highly compact HVQFN package
  • 70% size reduction due to monolithic one-chip solution
  • Allows high design flexibility for car keys and any other wearables and portables
  • High sensitivity of the LF frontend with best-in-class stable low quiescent current
  • Longer Immobilizer range for more user friendly Immobilizer backup function and different placement of Immobilizer backup reader antenna
  • Ultra low power IC is also extending battery life by up to 40%
  • Usage of AES effectively hampers key cloning vehicle theft
  • Key Localization (within 5 cm) with the 3D LF interface using RSSI (receive signal strength indicator) over wide dynamic range
  • Passive Keyless Entry Go
  • Remote car management
  • Immobilizer


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