OM6275: NXP I²C demonstration board 2005-1 kit


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  • OM6275   No Longer Manufactured

  • NXP I2C demonstration board 2005-1 kit
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I²C Demonstration Board 2005-1

The demonstration board is a 9.5 cm x 14 cm, 2-layer printed circuit board that includes the I²C slave products described in the products tab. A standard USB port provides bi-directional communication with the I²C devices allowing easy manipulation of the I²C devices without the need for an external power supply. An on-board LED illuminates after the USB host has successfully enumerated it. The Win-I2CUSB Lite software runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP and is compatible with any PC hardware having a minimum of a Pentium processor and an USB port.

Win-I2CUSB Lite software

The Win-I2CUSB Lite software is a custom version of the popular graphical user interface (GUI) supplied by The Boardshop. This version is designed to operate only with the specific devices and device addresses on the I²C Demonstration Board 2005-1 and subsequently issued daughter cards. The software has easy-to-use menus to let you select the device you want to control at bus frequencies up to 400 kHz. Via the Options menu, it is possible to control the I²C frequency and the switched 3.3- and 5.0-V power supplies. The GUI, shown controlling the PCA9531 8-bit LED dimmer interface, provides easy-to-use point-and-click control of the I²C devices without any technical knowledge.

The software has control panels for all the devices on the board. There is also a Universal Mode that allows users to create their own limited length I²C commands.

Win-I2CUSB software

A full version of the Windows GUI software is included in a product called Win-I2CUSBDLL kit. The full version of the software operates over the entire address range, supports all I²C devices, and has a more powerful Universal Mode. The Win-I2CUSBDLL kit can be purchased from The Boardshop. The Win-I2CUSBDLL kit includes its own USB-to-I²C hardware adapter which is incompatible with the NXP I²C Demonstration Board 2005-1. To use the full version of the GUI with the NXP demonstration board, simply remove the microcontroller from the Win-I2CUSBDLL kit's USB-to-I²C hardware adapter and insert it into the microcontroller socket located on the NXP demonstration board.

Ordering Information

Future daughter cards for the I²C Demonstration Board 2005-1 are planned as new I²C interface products are released. The Win-I2CUSB Lite software will be updated to include support for these new products. Updates to the software can be made automatically using the update feature included in the software. The first two daughter cards planned will be for the PCA9698 40-Bit Fm+ Advanced I/O Port and for the PCA9633 4-Bit Fm+ LED Controller. Current owners of the I²C Demonstration Board 2005-1 Kit will have options to automatically be sent future daughter cards or to request specific daughter cards for products of interest.