One Phase Power Meter Reference Design


The RDDRONE-IOT or HoverGames drone IoT adapter board (HDIB) provides a CAN and serial interface between the popular NXP RAPID-IOT development kit and the RDDRONE-FMUK66 or any other PX4 enabled flight controller (such as PixHawk). This allows the Rapid-IoT to be used as a peripheral, sensor, 802.15.4 Zigbee/Thread radio, LCD display or controller to a drone or rover.

With over 400 additional click modules available, you can quickly plug in anything from a gas sensor, LED array, or LoRa radio module.


  • This is a developer board with several optional circuit paths that may require soldering jumpers to configure to your requirements. Consult the schematics for the optional configurations.
  • This board can also be used as a VSCP.org CAN development tool with the addition of one regulator.
  • Technical and Functional Specifications

    • MKM34Z256 MCU built on the Arm Cortex-M0+ core with MMAU support
    • 5 to 80 A current range
    • 85 to 264 V, 50/60Hz voltage range
    • Low-power modes including the use of built-in RTC (Li-battery backup)
    • 8 x 16 segment LCD, including charge pump (values shown on LCD: V, A, W, VAr, VA, kWh, kVArh, cos φ, Hz, THD, time, date)
    • Isolated (4 kV) RS-232 port for monitoring, parameterization, and firmware upgrade
    • IEC 1107 infrared hardware interface
    • RF connector supporting sub GHz or 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 communications for Arm and remote control (KW0x or KW2x wireless MC
    • LED pulse outputs (kWh, kVArh)
    • Single built-in mechanical button as control interface
    • Low-power, 3-axis Xtrinsic tilt sensor for electronic tamper detection (optional)
    • Four-quadrant energy measurement (import/export)
    • Line frequency measurement (for precision zero-cross detection)
    • EMC proven design (EN61000-4-2, EN610004-4)
    • Cost-effective bill of materials (BOM)
    • Cost-effective shunt-resistor sensing circuit implementation
    • Accuracy class C (for active and reactive energy EN50470-3)


  • TWR-KM34Z75M   Active

  • Tower System Development Board for Kinetis KM14, KM33 and KM34 (50 MHz) MCUs
    • TWR-KM34Z75M
    • 1 @ US
    • $160.00
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