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[PDF] Pegoda EV710 (REV 3.0)

14 Feb 2011 ... DESFIRE SAM SIM connector I2C SPI ... There can be only one ISO 14443-3  card or multiple (maximum 14) ISO 14443-4 cards in the field. ...

[PDF] MC9328MX1 i.MX Integrated Portable System Processor Reference Manual (REV 6.1)

14 Jun 2007 Reference Manual for the MC9328MX1

[PDF] M53017KIT Fact Sheet (REV 0)

18 Feb 2010 ... SIM - Module Card Support • 3 - Serial UARTS (max) • RS232 ... Interfaces  (TCP/IP ... Select 2 Serial master clock/ GPIO/Smart card interface/Real Time ...

[PDF] uC53017-EVM embedded voice module. (REV 2.1)

15 Feb 2010 The uC5317 is a highly integrated system level solution for development of tow way voice.

[PDF] M68340EVS Evaluation System Product Brief (REV 0)

25 Jul 1997 M68340EVS

[PDF] i.MX31 and i.MX31L Multimedia Applications Processors Data Sheet (REV 4.1)

05 Nov 2008 i.MX31 and i.MX31L product overview including electrical characterization and package information.

[PDF] Interfacing the Philips ISP1362 USB OTG Controller to the MCF5249 (REV 1)

22 Feb 2007 This application note details the hardware design of a daughter card which interfaces the MCF5249 to the Philips ISP1362 USB OTG controller.

[PDF] Kinetis KL82 Microcontroller: 72MHz Cortex-M0+ 128KB Flash (64-121 pin) (REV 4)

20 Dec 2016 Kinetis KL82 Data Sheet: 72MHZ ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller (MCU), 128KB Flash/96KB SRAM (64-121 pin)

[PDF] MIFARE® SAM AV2 Documentation and Sampling (REV 2.4)

16 Sep 2013 ... for your evaluation in SIM card format (ID ... 8222 640 90787 P5DF081X0/  T1AR1070 CARD White card ... MIFARE SAM AV2 – Interface and architecture ...

Integrated Cellular Baseband Processor (ARCHIVED)

The DSP56690 has been placed on "Not Recommended for New Designs"  status. This is NOT an End-of-Life Notice. Designed to support the rigorous ...