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[PDF] CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Processors Simulator U ... (REV 10.5.1)

29 Jan 2016 This document describes the software simulation models released with CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Processors.

Integrated Cellular Baseband Processor (ARCHIVED)

The DSP56690 has been placed on "Not Recommended for New Designs"  status. This is NOT an End-of-Life Notice. Designed to support the rigorous ...

[PDF] MCF5301x Family Fact Sheet (REV 0)

05 Jan 2010 The MCF5301x family of 32-bit microprocessors combines low power, high integration and extensive connectivity with an audio sub-system, into a powerful platform for general industrial control applications, including digi ...

[PDF] i.MX31ADS Application Development System User's Manual (REV 1)

13 Mar 2006 The i.MX31ADS helps you develop multimedia communication applications using the i.MX31's ARM11 MCU and the MC13783 audio and power management chip.

[PDF] M9328MXLADS/A Application Development System User's Manual ver 2.0 (REV 3)

19 Feb 2004 This user’s manual explains connection and operation of: The Motorola M9328MXLADS/A MXL Application Development System (ADS) MXLADS

[PDF] MCF5251 ColdFire® ® 32-Bit Processor - Product Brief (REV 0)

12 May 2006 The MCF5251 is a system controller/decoder for compressed audio music players addressing both portable and automotive solutions that support CD, HDD, and USB-based systems. Low-power features include flexible PLL (with p ...

[PDF] NXP Powerpoint template confidential 4:3 Ratio

... Display board interface ... SD cards containing Linux ... connectors • Micro USB  OTG connector • Ethernet (10/100T) connector • SIM Card Socket • Mini ...

[PDF] BSC9132 QDS Board - Reference Manual (REV 0)

21 May 2014 BSC9132QDSRM: The BSC9132 QorIQ® Development System (QDS) is a high-performance computing evaluation, development, and test platform supporting the BSC9132 QorIQ Power Architecture processor.

[PDF] i.MX 6UltraLite EVK Board Hardware User's Guide (REV 1)

30 Mar 2016 Semiconductor i.MX 6UltraLite Applications Processor. This board is fully supported by NXP Semiconductors. This Manual includes system setup and debugging, and provides detailed information on ...

[PDF] i.MX31 to i.MX35 Porting Guide (REV 0)

01 Apr 2010 This application note explains the main differences between the i.MX31 and the i.MX35 processors.