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[PDF] Part I - An Intro To CAN-FD with LPC5461x (REV 1.0)

25 May 2017 Join CAN bus expert Andy Ayre from Embedded Systems Academy in this webinar to learn more about CAN-FD as he gives a technical overview of the improvements and benefits of CAN-FD over classic CAN, and how to specifically ...

[PDF] LPC8N04 User manual (REV 1.0)

14 Nov 2017 The NXP LPC8N04 is an IC optimized for an entry level Cortex-M0+ MCU with built-in NFC interface, running at frequencies of up to 8 MHz.

[PDF] LPC1800 and LPC4300 MxMEMMAP memory map (REV 1.0)

06 Dec 2012 TN00006 LPC1800 and LPC4300 MxMEMMAP memory map Rev. 1 — 30  November 2012 Technical note Document information Info Content ...

[PDF] LPC8N04 MCUs with Integrated NFC Technology (REV 1)

16 Oct 2017 The LPC8N04 MCU offers a unique, tailored experience with flexible product customization and a cost-effective design. As the industry’s first broad-market MCU with integrated NFC, it also broadens development possibiliti ...

[PDF] AN12082 Capacitive Touch Sensor Design (REV 1.0)

31 Oct 2017 This application note describes how to design the Capacitive Touch Sensor for the LPC845 Cap Touch Interface.

[PDF] LPC83x User manual (REV 1.1)

05 Oct 2016 The LPC83x are an ARM Cortex-M0+ based, low-cost 32-bit MCU family operating at CPU frequencies of up to 30 MHz. The LPC83x support up to 32 KB of flash memory and 8 KB of SRAM.

[PDF] AN12083 Capacitive Touch software and sensitivity test results on LPC800 CAP ... (REV 1.0)

09 Nov 2017 Capacitive Touch module is newly integrated into the LPC800 series. Itconnects the mutual capacitance sensor when used in application.Software enables the Capacitive Touch application, with filters andalgorithms for the ...

[PDF] HVQFN32; Reel pack; SMD, 13" Q1/T1 Standard product orientation Orderable ... (REV 1.0)

01 Apr 2015 1. Packing method SOT617-3 HVQFN32; Reel dry pack, SMD, 13"  Q1/T1 standard product orientation Orderable part number ...

[PDF] LPC84x User manual (REV 1.5)

13 Nov 2017 The LPC84x are an ARM Cortex-M0+ based, low-cost 32-bit MCU family operating at CPU frequencies of up to 30 MHz. The LPC84x support up to 64 KB of flash memory and 16 KB of SRAM.

[PDF] LPC18Sxx Series of MCUs - Fact Sheet (REV 1.0)

28 Jul 2016 These high-performance microcontrollers offer high-speed connectivity,  advanced peripherals, and integrated security features including AES ...

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