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[PDF] MPC565/MPC566 - Product Brief (REV 3)

27 Feb 2003 This document provides an overview of the MPC565/MPC566 microcontrollers, including a block diagram showing the major modular components, sections that list the major features, and differences between the MPC565/MPC566 a ...

[PDF] DSP56824 16-Bit Digital Signal Processor Product Brief (REV 0)

01 Oct 1997 Archived 2005 - The DSP56824 is a member of the DSP56800 core-based family of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). This general purpose DSP combines processing power with configuration flexibility, making it an excellent co ...

[PDF] MPC860T/MPC860DT PowerQUICC® Technical Summary (REV 0.1)

13 Dec 2001 MPC860T/MPC860DT PowerQUICC® Technical Summary

[PDF] MPC8540 Product Brief (REV 0.1)

12 Jan 2005 Product Brief

[PDF] MC145230 Information Brief - Applications, Benefits, and Features (REV 0)

17 Mar 2000 Archived 2005 The Information Brief includes Applications, Features and Benefits of using the MC145230 Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer

[PDF] MPC5554 Microcontroller Product Brief (REV 2.2)

20 Feb 2006 This document provides an overview of all the MPC5554 microcontroller features, including the major functional components.

[PDF] MPC509TS Product Brief (REV 0)

06 Aug 1997 The MPC509 is a member of the PowerPC Family of reduced instruction set  computer (RISC) microcontrollers (MCUs). The MPC509 implements the ...

[PDF] MC9S08PT60 Series Family - Product Brief (REV 1)

28 Sep 2011 These device series are members of the low-cost, high-performance S08 family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs). All MCUs in the family use the enhanced S08 central processor unit and are available with a variety of m ...

[PDF] Kinetis® KL33/43: Low-power Cortex-M0+ MCUs (REV 1)

20 Aug 2014 Kinetis KL33/43 Product Brief: Ultra low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller (MCU). KL33 integrates segment LCD, KL43 segment LCD and USB OTG

[PDF] WPR1516 Product Brief (REV 1)

10 Dec 2014 WPR1516 is an ARM Cortex M0+ core ASSP with NXP’s UHV technology. It includes FSKDT and CNC models, which allows easy development for bi-directional communication architecture between transmitter and receiver.

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