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[PDF] M68EML08JLJK Emulation Module User's Manual (REV 1.0)

12 Dec 2002 This document describes how to get started with the M68EML08JLJK emulation module.

[PDF] FRDMK64FUG, FRDM-K64F Freedom Module User’s Guide (REV 1)

17 Aug 2016 FRDMK64FUG: The NXP Freedom K64 hardware, FRDM-K64F, is a simple, yet sophisticated design featuring a Kinetis K series microcontroller, built on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core. FRDM-K64F can be used to eval ...

[PDF] LPCXpresso IDE SWO - Trace Guide (REV 8.2.2)

12 Sep 2016 LPCXpresso IDE SWO - Trace Guide

[PDF] User Manual for NXP’s Tower® Board TWR-56F8257 (REV 1)

30 Aug 2011 The MC56F8257 Tower® MCU Module (TWR-56F8257) is a low-cost evaluation, demonstration and development board. The TWR-56F8257 can operate stand-alone or as the main control board in a Tower system ...

[PDF] KTRD9Z1-638-12V-CUG, RD9Z1-638-12V-C reference design - User's guide (REV 1.0)

03 Jun 2016 The RD9Z1-638-12V-C reference design is a Battery Management System (BMS)??for 12 V lead-acid battery applications and features the MM9Z1J638 Battery Sensor module.

[PDF] Sensor Toolbox LFSTBEB7660 Accelerometer Development Board Quick Start Guide (REV 0)

03 Jun 2009 Sensor Toolbox LFSTBEB7660 Accelerometer Development Board Quick Start Guide

[PDF] TWR-KM34Z75M Tower® Module User's Guide (REV 1)

30 Jun 2015 The TWR-KM34Z75M microcontroller module is designed to work either in a standalone mode or as a part of the Tower® System development board platform, a modular development platform that enables rapid prot ...

[PDF] Change Log for Kinetis® SDK MQX™ RTOS from Version 1.0 ... (REV 0)

12 Jun 2015 This document contains an overview of feature changes between Kinetis SDK (KSDK) versions 1.2.0 and 1.0.0. The change log maps the history of MQX™ RTOS feature evolution and enables users to select an MQX RTOS vers ...

[PDF] S32K14x Series Safety Manual (REV 3)

01 Jun 2017 S32K14x Series Safety Manual Supports S32K142, S32K144, S32K146, and  S32K148 Document Number: S32K14XSM Rev. 3, 01 Jun 2017 ...

[PDF] Safety Manual for MPC5746C (REV 2)

30 Aug 2017 Safety Manual for MPC5746C Devices Supported: MPC5746C Document  Number: MPC5746CSM Rev. 2, 08/2017 Safety ...

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