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[PDF] MPC5510DEMO Component List (REV 0)

21 May 2008 Description Quantity Mounting Style Designator Manufacture part number  Capacitor 0.22uF 25V Ceramic 1 RES 0805 C33 ...

IO-Link Master Transceiver Tower System Module

04 Jan 2018 2017-03-07 08:35:34 The TWR-CM3120-EVM is a tower system module for IO-Link master implementation with CM3120 and Kinetis KL17.

AR4100 Hardware Design Guidelines (REV 2.1)

08 May 2013 This document describes the hardware techniques used to implement the AR4100, and gives recommendations for designing a more conventional system that does not require implementation of all feature options available.

The NXP® Cup - USA - Complete CD (REV 1)

11 Jan 2011 Package of all documents provided on The NXP® Cup - USA - CD. Please check the regional groups at streetsmarts.nxp.com for the most current information and event updates.

S32K144EVB Board Layout

 S32K144EVB Board Layout



Design with NXP® Motor Control and Power Solutions Seminar (REV 1)

12 Nov 2010 Brushless DC Motor Examples for the S08MP 8-bit Microcontroller using the 3-Phase BLDC/PMSM Low Voltage Motor Control Drive