KIT40XS6500EKEVB: Evaluation Kit - MC40XS6500EK, Penta High Side Switch



KIT40XS6500EKEVB Evaluation Board

KIT40XS6500EKEVB Evaluation Board

Kit Contains

  • KIT40XS6500EKEVB Hardware
  • Quick Reference Guide

Supported Devices

  • MC12XS6: External Automotive Lighting Multichannel eXtreme Switch

Get Started

Get Started with the KIT40XS6500EKEVB Evaluation Kit

Everything you need to get started with the KIT40XS6500EKEVB Evaluation Module

  • SPI Generator (SPIGen) Software
  • Web site used to download the latest version of he SPIGEN software.
  • Type: Embedded Components Software vendor: NXP Semiconductor, Inc