S32K-ISELED: LED Lighting Solution


Target Applications

  1. Ambient lighting
  2. Automotive Lighting
  3. Dynamic lighting effects
  4. Functional lighting
  5. Display backlight
  6. Roof lighting
S32K-ISELED LED Lighting Solution
S32K-ISELED LED Lighting Solution
ISELED Automotive Lighting Kit System



  • FS32K144UIT0VLHT   Active

  • CM4F, 512K Flash, 112MHz, ISELED, FlexIO, 64LQFP, Ta -40 to 105C
    • FS32K144UIT0VLHT
    • 10K @ US
    • $2.54
    • Sample
    • Buy Direct
    • Distributor
  • FS32K148UIT0VLQT   Active

  • CM4F, 2M Flash, 112MHz, ISELED, FlexIO, 144LQFP, Ta -40 to 105C
    • FS32K148UIT0VLQT
  • FS32K148UGT0VLQT   Active

  • CM4F, 2M Flash, ISELED, FlexIO, CAN FD, CSEc security, Ethernet, SAI, 144LQFP, Ta -40 to 105C
    • FS32K148UGT0VLQT

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Get Started with the S32K-ISELED

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