SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.MX 6QuadPlus Applications Processors




MCIMX6QP-SDB: i.MX 6QuadPlus SABRE boards

MCIMX6QP-SDB: i.MX 6QuadPlus SABRE boards

Get Started with SABRE Board for the i.MX 6Quad Processor – How To


Supported Devices

  • i.MX6DP: i.MX 6DualPlus Processor - Dual-Core, High-Performance, Advanced 3D Graphics, HD Video, Advanced Multimedia, Arm® Cortex®-A9 Core
  • i.MX6QP: i.MX 6QuadPlus Processor - Quad-Core, High-Performance, Advanced 3D Graphics, HD Video, Advanced Multimedia, ARM® Cortex®-A9 Core

Target Applications

Get Started

Get Started With SABRE-SDB for i.MX 6QuadPlus

Unleash the power of the i.MX 6 Series using the new SABRE-SDB development tool. This collection of resources will help you get started with the SABRE-SDB based on i.MX 6QuadPlus running the Android OS. We recommend you follow these simple steps: Follow the Quick Start Guide below to run the pre-programmed application. DOWNLOAD the latest Android BSP for i.MX 6 series at the provided link and follow the installation instructions. DOWNLOAD the hardware design files to help get a jumpstart on your own design.

i.MX 6 Series Software and Development Tool Resources

Complete with reference software, an optimized OS and a system-validated board support package (BSP), NXP provides you with the tools to test and maximize the performance of the applications you develop.

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