Tower® System MCU and Processor modules

Three basic types of boards comprise the Tower® System. The main board acts as the control center for the development platform. The Tower System modules can be used as stand-alone debug tools or as part of an assembled Tower System and feature an integrated debugging interface for easy programming and run-control via a standard USB cable.

Select your preferred controller module, browse through the growing portfolio of peripheral modules, choose the ones that meet your application needs and get started. All modules are designed to be combined and used with other Tower System modules.

Modules Bus Width Memory
8-bit MCU Modules
8-bit Flash 64K - 128K
16-bit MCU Modules
16-bit Flash 32KB - 240 KB
Coldfire/ColdFire+ MCU Modules
32-bit Flash 128K - 512K
DSC Modules
32-bit Flash 64K - 256K
Kinetis Modules
32-bit Flash 32K - 2MB
PowerQUICC and QorIQ Modules
32-bit Up to 1Gb Parallel NOR, 128MB Quad SPI
Vybrid Controller Modules
32-bit Up to 1.0 MB of SRAM, 512 KB of L2 cache