What’s New in 5.0

Version 5.0 of the SiMKit library is now available. On this website, previous versions can be found as well. The main developments of this release are:

  • Version 505 of the Mextram model was added
  • The JFET Independent Dual-Gate model (JFETIDG) has been added
  • The PSP103 model was updated to PSP103.6 and a numerical stability of the computation of Vdsp and Vdspedge was improved
  • The ovcheck models have been extended with model parameters to specify:
    • The names of branches to be used in SOA messages
    • Optional messages to be used in SOA messages
    • Printing SOA messages in DC has been restored
  • The SOA messages given during a transient analysis have been extended with the duration of the violation
  • The SOA messages given in the overview at the end of the analysis have been extended with a percentage overshoot outside of the safe region
  • Extension of operating output information with 'ctype'/'jtype' and 'von'
  • Improved robustness with Spectre simulations by using different compiler settings
  • Solved a bug on Windows compiler compatibility for ADS 2017

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