RDAIRBAGPSI5: Airbag Evaluation Platform (PSI5)



Airbag Reference Platform (PSI5) Block Diagram - 31655

Airbag Reference Platform (PSI5) Block Diagram - 31655

RDAIRBAGPSI5 Reference Design Board

RDAIRBAGPSI5 Reference Design Board

Complete Airbag System Solution - Demo


Kit Contains

  • Evaluation Platform Board
  • Board Schematics, Layout and BoM
  • Airbag System Evaluation Software (source code)
  • User Guide
  • CodeWarrior Development Studio
  • Freemaster Demonstrator GUI Project
  • Evaluation Platform Resources (data sheets and application notes)

Supported Devices

  • MPC560xP: Ultra-Reliable MPC560xP MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications
  • MC33789: Airbag Power Supply and PSI5 Sensor Interface
  • MC33901: High-Speed CAN Transceiver Auto Applications
  • MC33797: Four Channel Squib Driver IC
  • MMA68xxKW: SPI ±20g to ±120g XY-Axis, Medium-g, Digital Inertial Sensor
  • MMA51xxW: PSI5 ±60g to ±480g Z-Axis, Medium- or High-g, Digital Inertial Sensor
  • MMA52xx: PSI5 ±60g to ±480g X-Axis, Medium- or High-g, Digital Inertial Sensor
  • MMA69xxKQ: SPI ±3.5g or ±5.0g XY-Axis, Low-g, Digital Inertial Sensor

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