Professional Services for AMP Customers


Why use Priority Support

  • Solve difficult problems quickly: We can help you find solutions for all issues in both hardware or software. Feel like you’ve got a race condition or intermittent stability problems? We’re here to help.
  • Layout & schematic reviews: With our knowledge & prior experience, we’ll provide the right set of eyes to review your design and ensure success.
  • Spot Training: We can create custom training on request (within limits subject to approval) and deliver via webconference meetings. Want help understanding static ISP sequencing or creating a graph for a complex algorithm? Give us a shout and we’ll connect you to the foremost experts for each topic.
  • Maximize efficiency: Get every bit of value out of your product with our expert advice, helping to optimize CPU and accelerator code for maximum performance, minimal power consumption, or minimal latency.
  • New Device Support: Have a specific camera or unique component to add to your design? We can help you through the process of adding software support or recommending hardware integration.



What isn't covered under Priority Support Agreements:

  • Any kind of development project. NXP distinguishes between support and development work. The company offers different business arrangements for development projects.
  • No IP of any kind
  • Silicon fabrication or silicon development process, or anything that would interrupt Silicon Hardware design engineers