This Linux software development kit (SDK) includes board support packages supporting QorIQ and select PowerQUICC Power Architecture Technology devices.

Layerscape SDK

  • Freely available
    • Download from public repositories (e.g.
    • No need to download a large ISO and extract.
  • Modularized
    • Boot-loaders, Kernels, User-space libraries, Tools, Configuration.
    • Pick and choose ones you need.
  • Clean layering, separation
    • Separate patches on top of open-source.
    • Patches identified by platform/IP
  • Fast updates
    • Up-rev to latest open-source version.
    • Back-port patches accepted upstream.
  • Layerscape SDK

QorIQ Linux SDK 2.0

  • Linux kernel and device drivers
  • Yocto Embedded Linux development environment
  • GNU tools (compilers, linkers, etc.)
  • Bootloaders and firmware
  • Libraries and middleware
  • Reference applications
  • Linux root filesystem
  • Deployment mechanisms
  • QorIQ Linux SDK V2.0

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