Linux Software and Development Tools

Linux Board Support Packages (BSPs) provide our customers with a comprehensive starting point for their Linux development efforts on a variety of platforms.

These packages are developed and tested to support i.MX processors, Power Architecture® based PowerQUICC® and QorIQ® processors, and ColdFire® and MPC5xxx/5xxx MCUs.

These BSPs are tested for use with a given processor and its supporting development system, ensuring an operational tool chain, kernel and specific peripherals that are ready to use together within a fixed configuration for specific hardware reference platforms.

There is more to a processor than the BSP. Read the following sections for BSP and BSP related information.

Linux Professional Services from NXP

For many customers, having the chip, board, and software isn’t always enough. For those customers, NXP offers an incredibly wide variety of services, support, and software IP to put everything together and get to market FAST.

For the QorIQ®, Qonverge, and PowerQUICC product lines, we have a full array of Linux services, support and commercial software with a special emphasis on security and networking. You can start learning about those services here: Networking Services.

For the i.MX, Kinetis® and Qorivva product lines, we have a full array of Linux services and support with a special emphasis on safety and transportation. You can start learning about those services here: NXP Professional Services

CodeWarrior® Development Tools

For creating a solid Linux platform from a completely bare board, NXP offers CodeWarrior development tools for certain processor families that support a wide range of tasks, including board bring-up, flash programming, kernel-level debugging, driver development and application creation. CodeWarrior software works equally well in bare-board OR in Linux aware debugging. CodeWarrior can be used even for complex mixed SMP/AMP/hypervisor debug scenarios.

The CodeWarrior tool suites can connect to a development platform through terminal sessions, or using the CodeWarrior TAP hardware probe. This debug capability allows embedded Linux OS developers to interactively control and examine the state of the target system during the debugging process from board bringup to applications debugging.

CodeWarrior Development Suite for Networked Applications is the debug bundle that has all the QorIQ and Qonverge development tools you will need including:

Linux Board Support Packages

Linux board support packages (BSPs) for NXP silicon are substantially tested, certified (check with NXP) and frozen, ensuring a fully operational tool chain, kernel and board specific modules that are ready to use together within a fixed configuration for specific hardware reference platforms.

These BSPs, combined with CodeWarrior tools, provide the foundation you need to begin your project quickly.

An SDK is a multi-BSP Linux development environment. It is much, much more than a BSP, but you will use it to create your BSP.

All Linux BSPs include:

  • Linux kernel and Device drivers
  • Applications/services
  • Libraries
  • GNU tools (compilers, linkers, etc.)
  • Deployment mechanisms
  • Documentation

Please review the features listed in the "Devices Support" section of each Linux BSP information page. Each Linux BSP link provides detailed information on the version of the kernel, glibc, gcc, etc., as well as information about which applications and services are included within a specific BSP.

BSPs are offered free of charge, "AS IS". Please review the Linux Technology Support Policies for more information.

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