MQX™ Design and Development Tools

The NXP MQX Software Solutions offer tight integration with many popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and tool chains. Ready-to-run project files and project stationery are available enabling developers to quickly create their own NXP MQX-based and Real-time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS)-based applications.

Supported Design and Development Tools

Task-Aware Debugging

Task-Aware Debugging is an advanced kernel analysis tool that allows developers to gain greater visibility into their embedded system. Developers can obtain detailed data about system performance enabling optimization work that can reduce potential performance bottlenecks in their embedded application.

NXP MQX RTOS Task-Aware Debugging features stack utilization, CPU utilization, resource status (memory, messages, semaphores, etc), and TCP/IP socket information, among other features.


This tool converts web pages and images into C array’s, which are used by the NXP MQX RTCS Webserver to display those pages. It is a simple shell script located inside the tools folder of the NXP MQX installation directory.

Benchmark Tools

With the codesize and timing analysis tools (available in /mqx/examples/benchmrk directory) developers can generate reports on resource usage, component memory footprints, numerous timing such as context switch and task management timing. With benchmark tools, developers will always have the data at their fingertips for analyzing and optimizing their systems.

BSP Cloning Wizard

The BSP Cloning Wizard provides an easy way of making copies (clones) of Board Support Package (BSP) files and projects. With the BSP Cloning Wizard, developers can easily start a new project based on one of the BSPs available within NXP MQX RTOS.

Task Aware Debugging: Key Features

  • Task Summary Display
  • Task Stacks Display
  • Task Semaphore Display
  • Task Ready List Display
  • Tasks Queues Display
  • Memory Pools Display
  • Memory Blocks Display
  • Memory Partitions Display
  • Semaphore Display
  • Mutexes Display
  • Events Display
  • Logs Display
  • IO Devices Display
  • Interrupts Display

Featured Tools

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