PEG® Graphics Software

NXP® provides graphical user interface (GUI) solutions for embedded devices. NXP’s PEG® Pro, PEG Plus and PEG Lite product offering includes a GUI library for embedded development that works elegantly with real-time operating systems. The graphical development solution tool allows developers to lay out user interface screens and controls using the PEG library and external resources to generate C++ code.

The PEG product family of tools are designed to meet widely varying power, performance and memory requirements. Helping our customers reduce product development risk, lower in-house development costs and accelerate time to market.
The PEG Linux loader is now available. Please contact sales for more details.


PEG Pro is the most feature rich version of the PEG graphics software family implementing true anti-aliasing, gradient fills, and transparency effects.

PEG Plus

PEG Plus is our most versatile GUI software available as part of the PEG graphics software family.

PEG Lite

As the entry point into the PEG graphics software family, PEG Lite enables developers to create GUI applications that naturally migrate to PEG Plus and/or PEG Pro as needs grow.

PEG Services

PEG Services

PEG offers the most complete graphics software packages any application development engineer will need to complete a project.

PEG Services

PEG Graphics Software

Compare PEG Pro, PEG Plus, and PEG Lite to see which solution is best for your graphics development.