VortiQa® Application Solutions Kits

NXP® offers a vertically integrated and comprehensive Linux®-based OpenWRT application solutions kit (ASK) to customers inclined to build multi-segment network products based on the QorIQ LS1012A, LS1024A, and LS1043A communications processors. With over millions of copies deployed in the market, these field-hardened and feature-rich OpenWRT software packages will allow customers to significantly shorten their software design cycle and achieve quicker time to market in a reliable and efficient way without compromising on quality or features.

The turn key software stack optimally leverages the packet accelerators with in the QorIQ® LS1 processor family and delivers wire speed performance with less than 5% load on the ARM core. OEM/ODMs can benefit from the free CPU by adding more value added services without the need of introducing redundant hardware, thereby reducing system costs. The Application Solutions Kits, coupled with our QorIQ LS1012A, LS1024A and LS1043A communications processors, offer a highly-optimized, feature rich network stack and scalable platform that will help OEM/ODMs meet the demanding needs of next-generation consumer or enterprise networks reliably and efficiently targeting key markets such as internet of things, service provider and consumer networking applications.