OM13013: IAR LPC1227 Evaluation Board



IAR LPC1227 Eval Board PIC

IAR LPC1227 Eval Board PIC

Kit Contains

  • IAR LPC1227 Evaluation Board
  • IAR J-Link-Lite for ARM
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, 8K KickStart edition for Cortex-M0
  • IAR visualSTATE evaluation edition, 20-state limitation
  • Example applications made for the evaluation board from IAR Systems
  • RTOS board support from the IAR RTOS partner program

Note: IAR's LPC1227 Evaluation Board lets you get up-and-running quickly in evaluating the superior performance and capability of the LPC1227. The LPC1227 is specifically designed with flexibility and customization in mind, making it particularly suitable for a wide variety of energy-efficient system and power management requirements. The LPC1200 series offers a wide range of Flash memory sizes, spanning 32 KB to 128 KB in 8 KB increments.

Supported Devices

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