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Sensor Fusion

NXP's open source Sensor Fusion Library allows development of best in class sensor fusion applications. This library can now be accessed with IoT Sensing SDK. Sensor Fusion Toolbox is used for convenient visualization of sensor fusion results (3, 6 and 9-axis orientation). It is fully compatible with the sensor fusion library and runs on both Windows and Android OS.

Sensor Reference Designs

NXP sensors offers custom hardware and software solutions to help create complex sensor applications with ease. NXP also collaborates with multiple third-party offerings to enable a broad range of sensor use cases. Some key sensor reference designs include Generic Data Logger, Magnetic Rotary Encoder and Hexiwear solution. Each design can be used for multiple applications including smart home, activity monitoring, security and surveillance etc.

What's New


Semicon Europa 2017

Join NXP at Semicon Europa in Munich. On November 15 learn about MEMS sensors for automotive safety, on November 16 learn how sensor frameworks enable efficient development from smart shoes to connected sports balls.


STB-CE v2.0 is now Available

Providing ‘Out of Box’ Sensor Demonstration and Evaluation of NXP’s Motion and Pressure sensors targeted towards IoT, Medical and Industrial applications.