PRIORITY-SUPPORT: Priority Support



Supported Devices

System Requirements

  • A compatible browser for issuing service requests to
  • A valid account, using a business email address

Support Policy

  • One Year of Technical Support
  • All support submitted via
  • Maximum three employees submitting support
  • Each Support Policy engagement is limited to a single NXP board and processor. Multiple engagements are available and welcomed
  • NXP must be able to reproduce or visualize the issue on the NXP board

Why use Priority Support

  • Solving difficult problems. Recently, we solved RCW issues, IC substitution issues, DDR setup issues, incorrect bypass cap issues and more.
  • Schematic reviews. We provide the right set of eyes to review your design.
  • Layout reviews
  • 'Spot Training' - We'll create custom training per your request within reason and deliver via Skype - for example, life of the packet or setting up FMAN
  • Minor uboot modifications and uBoot tuning
  • Setup verifications for almost anything - for example RCW serdes validation, DDR configuration, SEC descriptor, and more
  • Throughput problems - for example one customer freed an entire CPU with just a little help from us.
  • Emergency boot - for example using priority support, NXP experts once booted a customer board without a console port.
  • Numerous Linux assistance projects - for example helping to write Yocto recipes.
  • NXP software experts can provide scoping efforts for large software projects via priority support agreements.

What isn't covered under Priority Support Agreements:

  • Any kind of development project. NXP distinguishes between support and development work. The company offers different business arrangements for development projects.
  • No IP of any kind
  • Silicon fabrication or silicon development process, or anything that would interrupt Silicon Hardware design engineers

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