Partners that offer fully tested and ready-to-use boards systems; in-house design and manufacturing services for designing hardware-based solutions and applications.

Partners deliver run-time software such as Operating Systems (OS) , Software Development Kits (SDK) or Board Support Packages that run on NXP devices.

Partners that offer application-specific software.

Partners that provide hardware and system components and modules that complement NXP solutions and can be integrated into boards and embedded systems.


Partners that provide hardware and system tools for developing with NXP devices and solutions.

Partners that provide software tools for developing with NXP devices and solutions.


Partners that offer design services and turnkey solutions, including hardware design, software, integration, test, and certification.

Partners that offer product design and manufacturing services.

Partners that provide cloud computing services for embedded designs, including, data storage, and infrastructure, platform and software services.

Partners that provides secure management services of devices including provisioning, secure service provider, system integration and trusted service management.

Partners that perform testing and certifications on behalf of NXP or aid in certifying customer products based on NXP solutions.

About the Partner Tiers

The program comprises a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services and training to speed your design. From reference boards to optimized software, the Ecosystem Member program provides a powerful and comprehensive ecosystem that partners with you in making the world a smarter, more connected place.


Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners collaborate closely with NXP to enrich the enablement and implementation of total system solutions.


Gold Partner

Gold Partners offer the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implementation of total system solutions.


MIFARE™ Partner Program

Platform for the MIFARE eco-system players which include, but are not limited to, chip card-, reader manufacturers, consultants, service and solution providers, and system integrators.


Registered Partner

Registered Partners complete the ecosystem surrounding NXP technologies.