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Hardware Recommended for Learning

1. Why should I consider NXP products?

We are a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. Our rich history of embedded solutions goes back more than 50 years as part of Motorola.

2. Why should I change teaching platforms?

With NXP you will be introduced to a wide array of technology and skills in high demand by the industry—everything from MCUs and MPUs to sensors, analog devices, wireless technologies, software development tools, middleware and more.

3. Why should I upgrade tools?

Upgrade your tools to ensure your university is using the latest technologies in the industry; making your students highly marketable.

4. Which development kit should I choose?

Most of our development tools can be used for academic teaching. We recommend 32-bit MCU platforms for beginners and advanced users as more of the industry is demanding 32-bit engineering knowledge.

Our Freedom Development Boards are low-cost and perfect for quick application prototyping (no additional discount available). We also recommend combining our MCU tools with our sensors and low power RF technologies. Those technologies are available in our Tower® System Modular Development Platform.

5. Do you offer academic discounts on third-party tools?

No. We cannot control availability or price of third-party tools therefore, it is difficult for us to give a consistent discount.


6. Where do I go for technical support on an NXP Product?

You will find a full range of technical support options at Sales and Support.

7. How do I get technical support on a third-party tool?

We suggest visiting the Partner Directory website for support information.

8. How do I submit an online technical support request (SR)?
  • Go to Sales and Support
  • Click the link ‘Create Service Request’
  • Define problem category
  • Enter service request details
  • Enter contact information
  • Submit
9. How do I get a board repaired or replaced?

See our Returns and Warranty Information.

10. I received a defective board. Who should I contact?

See our Returns and Warranty Information.

11. Can I order samples of devices and boards?

Device samples (just the chip) can be ordered from our website. Look for the Sample Button button on our product pages. Boards are not free to sample. If you would like to evaluate a particular board, contact University Programs to request a sample.


12. Is the price listed on the website what I will pay?

Our website gives the suggested retail price. Academically affiliated customers will receive a 15% discount on all products. However, to receive your university discount of 15% on products, you will have to contact University Programs. The discounted price should be reflected in your shopping cart before you enter payment information.

You are responsible for customs fees and import duties outside the United States.

13. Is it possible to get a greater discount?

Yes. Users can receive anything from a 15% discount up to a complete donation. To request a greater discount than 15%, you need to contact University Programs.

14. What about donations?

Donations may be granted to select schools and students. Contact University Programs for eligibility.

15. How do I get pricing?

Contact University Programs. Have your product, quantity, street mailing address and phone number ready.

16. How do I buy a student learning kit online (Buy Direct)?

Products available to buy on our website have a Buy Direct Button button. Look for the ‘check availability’ link next to the buy button to make sure the product is in stock.

17. Can I place an order online using a purchase order (PO), credit card or wire transfer?

Yes. You can use any of those three methods when buying our products online.

18. Can I get expedited shipping?

If needed, contact University Programs to assist you.


19. What is CodeWarrior?

CodeWarrior is a complete software development tool suite consisting of an integrated development environment (IDE), compiler, debugger and text editor.

20. Is there more than one CodeWarrior?

Yes. CodeWarrior comes in different versions for different devices. The same graphical user interface (GUI) is used to make all targets operate similarly. Learn it once and you’ll be able to use any version.

21. What are the differences in the CodeWarrior licenses?

There are basically 2 different types of licenses, node-locked and floating. Node-locked is a license key tied to a specific computer. Floating is a license for multiple computers that can use the same license key at the same time.

22. How do I get a license?

Licenses may be downloaded from our website and are requested by entering a service request or by contacting University Programs.

23 How long does my CodeWarrior license last?

We offer licenses lasting 30-90 days (evaluation) up to licenses that never expire.

24. I am getting an "exceeded code size" error message. What does this mean?

Exceeded size means that the license in use is not authorized to compile the project. In this situation, a new license key with more features should be purchased. Contact University Programs.

25. Can I get one license to use on all my lab computers?

Yes. Ask for a floating license to install on the server. This license will only work with computers on that network.

Course Materials, Training and Examples

26. What materials are available?

All course materials and training of various MCUs, MPUs and other technologies can be found at our University Programs Community.

27. Can I customize your courseware to my own course?

Yes. The intent of the courseware is to cover a broad range of topics typically covered in introductory MCU courses. You can pick and choose from the topics to tailor your own course.

28. Where can I find more application examples?

Visit the Applications area on our website.

29. Are there online training materials available?

Visit the Training & Communities area on our website.

30. Are there training events I can attend?

Visit the Training & Communities area on our website.

31. Do you offer on-site training?

Yes. On-site training requests are handled on a case-by-case basis based on attendance and location. Send a request to University Programs.

Student Project Sponsorship

32. Do you sponsor student projects worldwide?

Yes. Visit our Project Sponsorship page to apply.

33. What types of projects are sponsored?

We are looking for innovative applications and designs that can be developed using our technology.

34. How do I enter my project for consideration?

Visit our Project Sponsorship page to apply.

35. Are there design challenges students can join?

Join our University Programs Community and click on The NXP Cup. Contact University Programs to information to join.