Berlin Messe October 24-26
NXP will be Pod 1 @ the Open Compute Area

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NXP® speaker

Jim Bridgwater
Senior Product Manager, Broadband Gateway Processors at NXP

Jim Bridgwater leads NXP’s product marketing initiatives in broadband residential applications. He previously led NXP’s European marketing activities in Automotive Infotainment applications for more than five years, in a number of roles. During his more than 20 years at NXP, Jim has also been involved in marketing Microprocessors, DSPs and Radio Frequency solutions for industrial and consumer applications. Previously he was a Systems Engineer at Texas Instruments.

Mr. Bridgwater received a B.Sc. degree in Electronics from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the U.K.

Mr. Bridgwater is a co-author of several system bus architecture patents relating to power saving, and has written articles on Security, Infotainment, Graphics, Mobile TV and Wireless communications.


Wednesday, October 25
Enabling Multi-mode broadband for next generattion access


  • The need for multiple access types to deliver gigabit service.
  • An observation: standards converging on variations of OFDM.
  • The importance of future-proofing to avoid premature obsolescence of equipment.
  • Introducing a novel multi-protocol architecture to enable a flexible and upgradeable multi-mode CPE.


NXP will showcase its programmable modem technology with a multi-protocol demo on the Layerscape LA1575 platform on Pod 1 in the Open Compute Area.

The Layerscape LA1575 processor delivers the highest level of wireless SoC integration and a full complement of user programmable elements from the physical layer through the application layer. The LA1575 is the first product in a family of devices targeted at 802.11ax access points, 802.11ad fixed wireless and future OFDMA wireless systems. The programmable nature of the LA1575 enables OEM and ODM customers to rapidly introduce and deploy new wireless standard products. NXP delivers tested essential layer 1, layer 2 and application libraries and also supports custom modulation and processing via CodeWarrior Tools and standard language programming.

In addition, discover the new NFC solution “Tandem” for Gateways and Set-Top Boxes, on Pod 1.

Tandem enables the reduction of operational costs for Telecom Operators, brings ease-of-use to the end customers, and facilitates the installation of smart home systems by interacting with phones and NFC cards. Tandem is a high performance and size-optimized NFC module built with NXP’s PN7150 NFC controller and NTAG I2C plus Connected Tag, and combines all the benefits of each product into a single solution. The Tandem demo will showcase direct connection to the host processor of a Gateway or Set-Top Box in the following use cases:  service configuration, easy and secure Wi-Fi pairing, error diagnostic and maintenance.