We hope that you enjoyed NXP FTF 2016 as much as we did. Aside from the great face-to-face meetings and world-class training sessions, the event was a reminder of the amazing opportunities we all have in front of us to change the world in meaningful ways.

This year’s NXP FTF Tech Lab was a hothouse of creative solutions that touched on just about all one could imagine in an IoT context, including innovative approaches in the disciplines of healthcare, automotive, security, applications processing and beyond.

Among the Tech Lab’s 250 technology demonstrations were:

  • A BlueBox vehicle-to-everything demonstration (V2X) that highlighted the ways cars communicate with infrastructure and other vehicles to improve safety
  • RF cooking presentations that showed the next steps in precision cooking using dielectric heating of food, and
  • A billiard table that directed attendees on how to orient their cues for success.

FTF Americas 2016
Highlight Reel

With a show as wide ranging as NXP FTF we know it can be hard to keep up with everything that happened. Be sure to check out the highlights from our keynotes as well as key pieces of news that we released at the show.

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