SDN NVF World Congress

The Hague October 9-13
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NXP speaker

Steven Furr
Principal Engineer Virtualization Architect at NXP

Steve has over 25 years of experience in providing software technology for networking and embedded device manufacturers, in both senior engineering and product management roles. Prior to joining NXP, Steve acquired over 12 years of experience at a leading provider of realtime and embedded operating systems. For the last 8 years, Steve has been a senior member of the NXP Digital Networking, with both product management and senior engineering responsibility for enablement software for networking equipment manufacturers.

Steve is a senior architect, with responsibility for NXP virtualization technologies in support of various solutions including NFV and virtual CPE. Steve holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Simon Fraser University.


Wednesday, October 11
17:20 - 18:00

PANEL DEBATE – NFV Cost Reduction

Tuesday, October 12
11:40 – 12:00

Accelerated ARM-based Multicore Solutions: A better/superior choice for premise and edge applications

PANEL DEBATE – NFV Cost Reduction

  • This panel will discuss the lessons that can be drawn after 5 years of innovation, development and deployment.
    • Where have been the key shifts in capex and opex?
    • Has the potential for cost reduction been overtaken by other aspects?
    • How can the benefits be leveraged into the future?
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Datapath-optimized solutions for low-cost routable residential gateways for vCPE

  • Overcoming the scalability challenges to deliver the benefits of NFV in production networks
  • Exploring Datapath-optimized solutions to facilitate virtualization of network functions at the customer site
  • Delivering the benefits of full programmability in an optimal power/performance/price envelope
  • Creating the ideal processing solution for the virtual network edge