Tap-to-Pay for Wearables: How to Design, Test and Certificate a Full Digital Wallet

Tap-to-Pay for Wearables:

How to Design, Test and Certify
a Full Digital Wallet

Santa Clara, United States
January 24–26

Contactless is rapidly evolving from cards to smartphones and eventually wearables as payments become digitized. Wearables embody all the benefits of contactless technology: the convenience, the speed and the pure simplicity of tap-to-pay. Especially since smartphones tend to get larger in size, with wearables being always ready-to-use and always visible on your wrist, contactless technology becomes more personal. Besides, this physical connection to the owner inherently reduces friction and improves security.

The integration of contactless secure applications in wearable devices can be a significant business opportunity for hardware and service providers. However, NXP's experience in the market has shown design challenges that come with such a small form factor device, the challenge to keep track with ever changing specifications and with the complexity of the required payment ecosystem.

Together with the independent testing and certification expert UL, we developed a specific curriculum constructed for the unique challenges that the wearables industry is running into. Join us for this unique training to get a profound understanding of contactless technology and ecosystems for payment wearables (1 day pass) or join the full three-day workshop to become an expert in tap-to-pay for wearables (full workshop pass, 3 days).


Benefit from the highly compromised knowledge two experts in wearable technology, testing and certification will deliver in only three days.

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Get to understand the payment ecosystem, design challenges and learn what steps you have to take in order to achieve certification for your connected device.

You'll receive UL testing modules for the hands-on workshop on day 2 and 3 to immediately help you explore your connected design. All sessions will be supported by relevant demos and tools. Participants also receive a complimentary workshop package.

Upcoming Events

Event Date Region Topic Location Language Registration Costs Capacity
Tue, Jan 24, 2017, 8:30 AM AMEC 1 day pass:
Understanding contactless technology and ecosystems for payment wearables
Embassy Suites by Hilton Santa Clara Silicon Valley 2885 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 English Register now 1,000 USD 50
Tue, Jan 24, 2017, 8:30 AM to Thu, Jan 26, 2017, 5:00 PM PST AMEC Full workshop pass:
Hands-on payments deep dive, security, test and certification
Embassy Suites by Hilton Santa Clara Silicon Valley 2885 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 English Register now 3,000 USD 25

Workshop Agenda

NFC Foundation
  • Introduction to NFC technology
  • Architecture considerations (HCE vs. eSE)
  • MIFARE, NFC and Contactless Type A, Type B, Type F
  • Antenna design considerations
  • Power budgeting
Payment Foundation & Infrastructure
  • Payment ecosystem & stakeholders
  • Payment evolutions: magstripe, EMV, contact, contactless
  • Payments types
  • Payment terminal architecture
  • Tokenization & token service providers
Payments Deep Dive
  • Cloud based payment architecture
  • Exemplary implementations
  • Customer verification methods
  • Offline data authentication
  • Security modules
Wearables Deep Dive
  • Design considerations and user experience
  • Loader Service
  • How to tune the RF interface on the wearable
  • How to debug NFC issues
  • Provisioning / applet management
Wearables beyond payment
  • Ticketing (open loop/closed loop)
  • Access control
  • Value added services
Design considerations and security
  • Design considerations
  • Evaluation of different security implementations (eSE, TEE, HCE, etc.)
  • Security vs usability tradeoffs
  • Personalization, activation and lifecycle management
  • Authentication methods
Test and Certification
  • Certification process
  • Required steps and scheme requirements
  • Functional validation
  • Security Evaluation