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Android Things

Date Name/Description Type Language
19 July 2017 How to use Android Things to build successful IoT devices On-Demand English

ESD, EMI and signal conditioning

Date Name/Description Type Language
09 Jun 2009 ESD protection and HDMI signal conditioning for TV and STB On-Demand Mandarin

Identification and security

Date Name/Description Type Language
13 July 2016 Complement use cases with mobiles and wearables On-Demand English
06 July 2016 Added Value to Card Based Environments Through NFC and Cloud – when IoT becomes reality On-Demand English
29 June 2016 Introduce the Future in your Today’s System – How to Ensure Smooth System Upgrades On-Demand English
22 June 2016 Secure closed loop payments in an open environment On-Demand English
15 June 2016 Streamlined User Management for Multi-Vendor Installations On-Demand English
08 June 2016 Enhanced user experience through active application management On-Demand English
01 June 2016 How to protect contactless systems today and tomorrow On-Demand English
24 May 2016 MIFARE Innovation Roadmap – present improved, future inside On-Demand English
10 May 2016 Automatic Fare Collection: A Cutting Edge Migration Case Study – How to Ensure Smooth System Upgrades and Exploit Convergence On-Demand English
10 November 2015 Bringing Customer Experience to Life with MIFARE and Mobile Solutions On-Demand English
09 September 2015 NXP Solutions for Smart Mobility On-Demand English
01 July 2015 Enhancing Everyday Products with NFC – Welcome to the Internet of Things On-Demand English
03 June 2015 MIFARE SDK On-Demand English
22 May 2015 Automatic Vehicle Identification On-Demand English
30 April 2015 UCODE DNA On-Demand English
15 April 2015 MIFARE4Mobile On-Demand English

Interface and connectivity

Date Name/Description Type Language
16 Apr 2009 NXP I²C chips for mobile keypad matrix scan and flash On-Demand Mandarin


Date Name/Description Type Language
19 Nov 2009 Dimming LED Lighting Solution On-Demand Mandarin
22 Apr 2009 Full bridge HID driver UBA2036/2037 On-Demand Mandarin


Date Name/Description Type Language
25 Apr 2017 How to protect your firmware against malicious attacks using the latest Kinetis development board On-Demand English
25 July 2017 Designing Secure IoT Devices Starts with a Secure Boot On-Demand English

Near Field Communication

Date Name/Description Type Language
1 Dec 2016 NFC use cases for industrial applications On-Demand English
31 October 2016 Design and Implement NFC applications 4: NFC Reader Library – support for NFC frontend solutions On-Demand English
18 Oct 2016 Design and Implement NFC applications 3: NFC Cockpit tool - The complete design tool for engineers On-Demand English
28 Sept 2016 Design and Implement NFC applications 2: Antenna design considerations for NXP NFC reader solutions On-Demand English
07 Sep 2016 Design and Implement NFC applications 1: Product support package for NXP NFC readers On-Demand English
20 Jul 2016 PN71xx product support package On-Demand English
11 Jul 2016 PN71xx product presentation On-Demand English
17 Jun 2016 NXP’s NFC product portfolio On-Demand English
10 Jun 2016 NFC use cases On-Demand English
20 Apr 2016 PN7462 - Product support package On-Demand English
13 Apr 2016 PN7462 - First all-in-one full NFC solution On-Demand English
16 Mar 2016 NTAG I2C plus - Product support package On-Demand English
9 Mar 2016 NTAG I2C plus - Your entryway to NFC On-Demand English
27 Jan 2016 PN5180 - Product support package On-Demand English
13 Jan 2016 PN5180 - The best full NFC frontend on the market On-Demand English
9 Dec 2015 Tap-and-Play: NFC in gaming On-Demand English
11 Nov 2015 NXP development boards for NFC readers On-Demand English
28 Oct 2015 NFC in Android On-Demand English
14 Oct 2015 Smart Home NFC commissioning solution On-Demand English
16 Sep 2015 Security in NFC readers On-Demand English
22 Aug 2015 NFC application: Consumer Electronics On-Demand English
24 Jul 2015 POS, mPOS and mobile payments On-Demand English
15 Jul 2015 NFC in Linux - Get started with the PN7120S controller board On-Demand English
1 Jul 2015 Enhancing everyday products with NFC - Welcome to the Internet of Things On-Demand English
24 Apr 2015 NFC application: Access control On-Demand English
18 Mar 2015 NFC reader design II - Antenna design considerations On-Demand English
11 Mar 2015 NFC reader design I - How to build your own reader On-Demand English
11 Feb 2015 NFC Standards On-Demand English
4 Feb 2015 NFC Essentials On-Demand English
10 Dec 2014 Connected NFC Tags - Overview On-Demand English
25 Jun 2014 NFC Antenna Design 6: EMC related Design On-Demand English
16 Jun 2014 NFC Antenna Design 5: Test & Qualification On-Demand English
21 May 2014 NFC Antenna Design 4: Optimization & Debugging On-Demand English
30 Apr 2014 NFC Antenna Design 3: Metal environment On-Demand English
9 Apr 2014 NFC Antenna Design 2: Antenna Matching On-Demand English
12 Mar 2014 NFC Antenna Design 1: Which Antenna for what purpose? On-Demand English

Online Workshops

Date Name/Description Type Language
17 April 2012 NFC Tags for Media Management, Smart Advertisement, Retail and Electronics On demand English
May 2012 Optimizing the Signal Chain for Low-Power Design On-Demand English
21 March 2012 UCODE I²C for Electronics On demand English
20 March 2012 NXP T&L Portfolio On demand English
22 Feb 2012 ICODE ILT Document Tracking On demand English


Date Name/Description Type Language
07 June 2012 NXP I2C Temperature Sensors Overview and Application On-Demand English
11 Dec 2012 HF antenna design for stacking applications On-Demand English
13 Nov 2012 UCODE I2C in Electronics On-Demand English
09 Oct 2012 UHF antenna design basics On-Demand English
11 Sep 2012 NFC Field detection for Accessories & Electronics - NTAG 203F On-Demand English

Power management ICs

Date Name/Description Type Language
03 Jul 2009 NXP new power solution introduction On-Demand Mandarin


Date Name/Description Type Language
15 Oct 2009 NXP new RF small signal product application in GPS & satellite LNB On-Demand Mandarin
08 Apr 2009 NXP high-performance LDMOS application in BST On-Demand Mandarin

Standard products / e-metering

Date Name/Description Type Language
21 Oct 2009 High-efficienty FlatPower MEGA Schottky Diodes On-Demand Mandarin
24 Jun 2009 NXP's building-blocks for e-metering applications On-Demand English