Your Future Driver Experience Built on i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X Applications Processors

  • Posted Date: 01 February 2019

The i.MX8QuadMax and 8QuadXPlus processors transform eCockpit systems into entirely new personalized, interactive control hubs. Running Linux®, Android®, and FreeRTOS virtually, the sytem integrates with NXP’s HD Radio, NXP SafeAssure Failover capabilities, the SmartEye in-vehicle driver identification camera and the Amazon Alexa Auto SDK. Your expanded digital cluster will show not only how fast are you going but where are you going along with environmental and infotainment control – all with an eye toward driver safety. All these innovations powered by i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X applications processors.

Watch the brief video showing how the cockpit responds to your behavior.