Rapid Embedded Development with LPCXpresso

  • Posted Date: 08 October 2015

Since the introduction of the first variants in 2009, the LPCXpresso development platform has re-energized the whole MCU evaluation board market so extensively that there are now over 50,000 IDE seats in use and in excess of 110,000 boards shipped. In this training session you will learn how to rapidly develop real applications on the NXP® LPC microcontrollers using the LPCXpresso development platform. The session covers both the software and hardware elements of LPCXpresso - the IDE and debugger, LPCOpen peripherals drivers and examples, debug probes, and development boards. You will see LPCXpresso in action and take away the necessary knowledge to kick start your LPCXpresso-based development. Existing users will pick up tips and tricks on using the tools, as well as an understanding of some of the new features included in the latest LPCXpresso IDE version 7.0. For more information and to download the LPCXpresso IDE please visit http://www.lpcware.com/lpcxpresso