MCUXpresso IDE - Importing MCUXpresso SDK

  • Posted Date: 29 March 2017

The MCUXpresso IDE brings developers an easy-to-use Eclipse-based development environment for NXP MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M cores, including LPC and Kinetis microcontrollers. The MCUXpresso IDE offers advanced editing, compiling and debugging features with the addition of MCU-specific debugging views, code trace and profiling, multicore debugging, and more.

These short tutorial videos will show how to get an software development kit (SDK) package from the MCUXpresso SDK, import it into the MCXpresso IDE, and then get started using it. It will also show how to create an MCUXpresso SDK example project and debug it within the MCUXpresso IDE, how to inspect and remove installed SDK's, show SDK location on disk and configuration items, and go through the normal edit, debug, compile cycles. It will also cover how to import or create new projects from other IDEs (i.e. Kinetis Design Studio and LPCOpen).

Video Overview

This brief video will show users how to download and install the MCUXpresso SDK into the MCUXpresso IDE, featuring easy-to-use drag & drop importing (keep as zip or unzip).