i.MX Audio Interfaces Overview

  • Posted Date: 22 September 2016

Overview of the audio interfaces available on i.MX application processors (SSI, ESAI, AUDMUX, SPDIF and ASRC).

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the function and architecture of i.MX Audio Interfaces
  • Understand the effects of clocking methods on audio performance
  • Identify which i.MX processors have audio peripherals
  • Describe a typical audio based block diagram using i.MX Processors

Course Outline

  • i.MX Audio Interfaces.
    • ESAI – Enhanced Serial Audio Interface.
    • SSI – Synchronous Serial Interface.
    • AUDMUX – Digital Audio Multiplex.
    • SPDIF – Sony/Philips Digital Interface.
    • ASRC – Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter.
    • MLB – Media Local Bus.
  • Audio Clock Routing.
  • Audio Performance Tips.
  • Block diagram of a typical system using i.MX.