Learn Eclipse the LPCXpresso way - from the developers

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

10,0000 new users this year can't be wrong! Learn how to develop real applications on the NXP® LPC microcontrollers using the LPCXpresso development platform for Linux and Windows. This training session covers both the hardware and software elements of LPCXpresso, the IDE, the debugger, the debug probe, and the development board. You will see LPCXpresso in action and take away the necessary knowledge to kick start your LPCXpresso-based development. It also introduces some of the more advanced functionality available in the Red Suite and Red Probe+ products, such as the non-robinvasive debugging provided by Red Trace on Cortex-M3 based parts. Preview how LPCXpresso can even debug a multi-core device. This 59-minute session was presented at Arm® TechCon in November, 2010, by Andrew Beeson, Tools Developer, Code Red Technologies, and by David Donley, Senior Field Applications Engineer, NXP Semiconductors.