MIFARE Innovation Roadmap – present improved, future inside

  • Posted Date: 25 October 2016

Since 1994, MIFARE has shaped the contactless industry like no other brand. With 260 million reader and over 10 billion ICs sold, MIFARE products are proven and reliable more than any other interface technology in the market.

And in 2016 we continue to revolutionize the way of how millions around the world use different applications in their daily life. With our latest MIFARE products we aim to enhance the offering of system integrators while increasing users' convenience.

In our webinar we will demonstrate how you can benefit by using MIFARE products for contactless schemes, not only in access management, but also in loyalty, micro-payment or identification applications.

Course Outline

  • MIFARE Product Family: Learn more about the features and benefits of the MIFARE product technology.
  • MIFARE in Access Management: Discover how you can enhance Access Management applications with MIFARE products.

What You'll Learn

Introduction to the family of MIFARE products and supported solutions.

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