Motor Control Application Overview

  • Posted Date: 05 September 2016

From AC induction, brush permanent magnet, brushless DC and stepper motors, NXP® offers many excellent and familiar motor control solutions ranging from 8-bit to 32-bit ColdFire®. MCUs, to 16-bit digital signal controllers and high-performance processors with 32-bit Power Architecture® cores. How do you choose between them? Come learn about the key differentiators of each product family and how they help to lower system cost, power consumption and complexity for your target application.

**Presented during the 2008 NXP Technology Forum in Orlando, Florida

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the basic elements of a simple DC motors and their control elements
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Brush DC Motors for your application
  • Understand the basic function of 3-Phase AC Motors (BLDC, PMSM and ACIM)
  • Identify NXP® devices for your motor control applications

Course Outline

  • Motor control overview
  • DC motor control elements
  • NXP devices for motor control
  • Brushless DC Motors
  • AC Induction Motors