NTAG I2C plus - Your entryway to NFC

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

The NXP® NTAG® I2C plus is the second-generation of NXP’s connected NFC tags that combines a passive NFC interface with a contact I2C interface. It is the fastest and least expensive way to add tap-and-go connectivity to just about any electronic device. NTAG I2C plus is full backward compatible with the first-generation NTAG I2C products, while adding new advanced features for password protection, full memory-access configuration from both interfaces, an originality signature for protection against cloning, and four times higher pass-through performance.

NTAG I2C plus is designed to be the perfect enabler for entry-level NFC applications like IoT nodes (home automation, smart home, etc.), pairing and configuration of consumer applications, NFC accessories (headsets, speakers, etc.), wearable infotainment, fitness equipment, consumer electronics, healthcare, smart printers, meters or electronic shelf labels.

What You'll Learn

  • NFC Introduction, use cases, target markets and benefits
  • Key Functionalities

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Course Outline

  • Positioning within the NXP® NFC portfolio
  • Application range and use cases
  • NTAG® I2C plus vs NTAG I2C
  • Memory organization, commands, key features and functionalities
  • NTAG I2C plus Explorer kit and product support package overview