PN7120 - Best plugn play full NFC solution

  • Posted Date: 06 October 2016

With the recently launched PN7120 NFC becomes literally plug’n play. PN7120 is full NFC Forum-compliant and it includes all RF communication protocols, and the NFC controller interface protocol (NCI). Linux as well as Android drivers ease development.

A demo kit with examples enables a quick start. Join the webinar and tap into new markets driven by the Internet-of-Things.

What You'll Learn

PN7120 Demo kit with examples that enable a quick start.

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Course Outline

  • PN7120 features and benefits: Features, positioning, use cases, and target markets. Functional description including flexible clock concept, integrated power management, automated wake-up, RF level detection, and low-power polling mode.
  • PN7120 host controller interface: Overview on the NCI interface, software integration, and software drivers for Linux and Android.
  • PN7120 support material: User manuals, application notes, hardware, and software-related documentation, PN7120S NFC controller board, Raspberry Pi interface board, BeagleBone interface board.