Securing today's IoT - How NXP® and Google Cloud™ IoT simplify IoT Device Provisioning and Security

  • Posted Date: 19 October 2018

In this webinar, you get insights into today’s IoT and security risks and learn why security is becoming essential/critical to IoT. You get familiar with the needed steps to implement security in IoT and hear about A71CH key features and benefits, use cases and its product support package. Moreover, you get introduced to Google Cloud™ IoT and learn how to establish a seamless and secure connection to Google Cloud IoT Core using NXP’s A71CH.


  • Today’s IoT and security risk
  • Google Cloud IoT overview
  • IoT Security deployment at scale
  • NXP’s Plug & Trust approach to IoT Security
  • Seamless and secure connection to Google Cloud IoT Core