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For over 30 years, we’ve been an integral part of bringing computing power into the lives of just about everyone in the world. The global leader in embedded technology, Wind River® offers the industry’s most comprehensive device development portfolio, backed by award-winning customer support. Complete vertical platforms built on our market-leading real-time operating system and commercial open source solutions enable our customers to exploit fully the unique advantages of each approach. Companies around the world trust Wind River as the foundation for their innovation.

Wind River Systems Recommended Solutions

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Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Run-time Software: Operating System Software
LINUX BSPs Board Support Packages Wind River Linux BSP's provide the low level board support and drivers necessary to enable Freescale's processors and evaluation platforms to integrate with the Wind River Linux operating system and Wind River Workbench development suite.
VXWORKS BSPs Board Support Packages Wind River VxWorks BSP's provide the low level board support and drivers necessary to enable Freescale's processors and evaluation platforms to integrate with the VxWorks operating system and Wind River Workbench development suite.
WR Cert Operating Systems Wind River® VxWorks® Cert Platform provides a (COTS) platform for delivering safety critical applications that must be certified to the stringent requirements of IEC61508, RTCA DO-178 and EUROCAE ED-12,revisions B and C.
Operating System:Wind River-VxWorks
Software Development Tools
WBOCD Debuggers and Runtime Analysis Optimized for JTAG based debugging, Wind River Workbench OCD Edition supports initial board bring-up and validation, developing device drivers, incorporating low-level software capabilities, and developing C/C++ applications.
WIND RIVER COMPILER Standalone Compilers and Build Tools Wind River Diab Compiler has a proven track record generating robust, tight, compact, and fast-executing code while also delivering the control and flexibility demanded by device software development.
WIND RIVER WORKBENCH IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools Wind River Workbench addresses the challenges individual developers and project teams face by increasing productivity, enabling collaboration between hardware and software developers.
Software Development Tools: Simulation and Models
SIMICS SOC Models Simics can simulate sophisticated SoCs, RapidIO, PCI, backplanes, and multiple mixed target architect
Operating System:Linux-Wind River,Linux-NXP,Wind River-VxWorks
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Wind River Professional Services Wind River PS can help adapt. modify and implement WR products and integrate with non-WR products to create complete solutions
Operating System:Linux-Wind River,Linux-NXP,Wind River-VxWorks,Android
Live In-depth Training
Multilple Courses available Multiple training formats for Wind River products on Freescale processors available
Operating System:Linux-Wind River,Wind River-VxWorks,Android

Company Information

Company Headquarters
500 Wind River Way
United States
(510) 748-4100
Primary Contact
Michael  Conroy
Member Since
December 2002

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  • NXP Technology Days Instructor-led training on a broad range of NXP solutions, available in convenient global locations.

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