QNX Software: NXP Premier Partner

QNX Software Systems is a leading vendor of operating systems, development tools and professional services for connected embedded systems.

Why choose QNX?
Global leaders such as Audi, Cisco, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens depend on QNX technology for vehicle infotainment units, network routers, medical devices, industrial automation systems, security and defense systems, and other mission- or life-critical applications.

Build competitive products:
Developers rely on the QNX Neutrino microkernel RTOS to provide a highly reliable, scalable, and high- performance foundation for their embedded products. QNX Momentics development suite provides value added tools to accelerate development and optimize performance.

Leverage industry-wide partnerships
The QNX Partner Network comprises hundreds of vendors, all offering software, hardware or services compatible with QNX technology.

QNX Software Recommended Solutions

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NXP Partner Solutions Offered
Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Run-time Software: Middleware
AVIAGE MULTIMEDIA SUITE Libraries Aviage Multimedia Suite is a fully customizable, full-featured framework for quickly building high-value digital infotainment solutions that range from simple media players to multiple-node systems with intra-vehicle multimedia sharing.
Operating System:QNX-Neutrino
Run-time Software: Operating System Software
QNX NEUTRINO RTOS Operating Systems QNX Neutrino RTOS is a full-featured, robust OS that scales to meet the constrained resource requirements of realtime embedded systems. True microkernel design and modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized, reliable systems.
Operating System:QNX-Neutrino
Software Development Tools
MOMENTICS TOOL SUITE IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools Momentics Tool Suite is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment with innovative profiling tools for maximum insight into system behavior. Multi-core specific tools help developers migrate code cleanly from single to multi-core systems.
Operating System:QNX-Neutrino
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
QNX Professional Services QNX Professional Services helps customers drive innovation while minimizing risk. This dedicated group of engineers offers a unique mix of experience, skills, contacts, as well as clean IP to directly address key development challenges.
Operating System:QNX-Neutrino
Live In-depth Training
QNX Training and Education All QNX training courses are hands-on, instructor led using real-world examples to give your development team the grounding they need in QNX best practices so that you get the most out of your investment. Hosted on or off-site.
Operating System:QNX-Neutrino

Company Information

Company Headquarters
1001 Farrar Road
K2K 0B3
(613) 591-0931
Primary Contact
Romain  Saha
Member Since
December 2002

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