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iSYSTEM is a privately held company headquartered in Germany, close to Munich. Since its foundation in 1986, iSYSTEM is an independent manufacturer and provider of embedded software debugging and test tools. iSYSTEM’s Blue Box Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of microcontroller debug interface. No matter whether one is developing, debugging or testing embedded software on a real target system. iSYSTEM’s open and integrated Debug and Test Software enables engineers to drive a Blue Box and the corresponding development. iSYSTEM is a ISO9001:2008 certified company.

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Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Hardware Development Tools
ITxxxx Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems iSYSTEM Evaluation Boards for Freescale Power Architecture MCUs and MC9S12
iC1000 Emulators/Probes The iC1000 PowerEmulator is a universal 8-bit in-circuit emulator connecting to the target through a CPU family specific PowerPOD (Processor Oriented Device) replacing the original target processor or microcontroller.
Operating System:FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
iC2000 Emulators/Probes The iC2000 PowerEmulator is a universal and modular 8 and 16-bit in-circuit emulator connecting to the target through a CPU family specific PowerPOD (Processor Oriented Device) replacing the original target processor or microcontroller.
Operating System:In house-not Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
iC3000 Emulators/Probes The iC3000 Active Emulator is a powerful and adaptable debug and test tool. The new "swap the card" technology preserves the investment in the iC3000 unit while providing adaptability to a wide range of target microcontrollers and debug technologies
Operating System:AUTOSAR,In house-not Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
iC5000 Emulators/Probes The iC5000 is a single hardware platform supporting many different processors and microcontrollers. From the debug technology perspective, it supports on-chip debug emulation including on-chip trace buffers and Nexus/ETM trace.
Operating System:AUTOSAR,In house-not Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
iTAG Emulators/Probes iTAG is a dedicated Arm/Cortex debug and test tool package. It is a HW debugger connecting to the target microcontroller through the debug interface and winIDEA/testIDEA, iSYSTEM's integrated development.
Operating System:AUTOSAR,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
Software Development Tools
Wireless Debugger iONE-BT Debuggers and Runtime Analysis iONE-BT is a wireless Debug & Trace adapter to support Cortex-M based embedded systems development and test.
iC6000 Debuggers and Runtime Analysis iC6000 iSYSTEM Real-time Embedded Software Development, Test and Measurement Tool Platform for Freescale Qorivva MPC57xx with Support for AURORA high-speed trace interface.
testIDEA Lab and Test Software testIDEA offers Real-Time Unit Testing by execution of test cases and test vectors on the real customer hardware without code instrumentation. testIDEA uses the isystem.connect programming interface which is a free and open API set within winIDEA.
winIDEA IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools winIDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) that compliments all iSYSTEM hardware. - Editor, project and build manager, high level debugger - Tools to analyze program and data flow, performance measurement tools
Operating System:AUTOSAR,In house-not Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium
winIDEA Open IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools winIDEA Open is an open and free integrated development environment, debugger and test platform for Cortex-M based embedded systems development. winIDEA Open supports different debug hardware and evaluation boards.
Operating System:AUTOSAR,In house-not Linux,FreeRTOS/SafeRTOS,MQX,Micrium

Company Information

Company Headquarters
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 1
+49 8138 6971 50
Primary Contact
Erol  Simsek
Member Since
February 2003

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