Cosmic Software: NXP Gold Partner

Cosmic Software is a leading producer of software development tools and services for the embedded systems industry. Cosmic development tools are used in the creation of electronic systems found in a wide variety of embedded systems including: automotive electronics, infotainment systems, medical devices, robotics, mobile communications and white goods to name a few.

Cosmic Software products includes an integrated IDE, C-language cross-compiler, assembler, processor simulator, hardware debuggers and Unit Test Tools. Cosmic products are available for use on PC Windows and Linux. Cosmic also provides customized tools and consulting services to meet specific customer needs.

Cosmic tools support Freescale and NXP ARM Cortex based devices, Freescale Power Architecture, S08, S12, S12Z, MagniV, ColdFire and legacy HC05, HC11, HC16 and 68300 families.

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CDPW-S12Z-NLA Package includes an integrated IDE, optimizing C compiler, ZAP SIM and BDM Debuggers for the S12Z Core and MagniV. Supports 16MB linear address space, EEPROM, MAC, Fixed Point, Floats, Auto Checksum, Eclipse and ELF/DWARF debug format.

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33 rue Le Corbusier
33 1 43 99 53 90
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Michael  Burns
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December 2002

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