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Mentor Embedded, a division of Mentor Graphics, offers comprehensive embedded software and development tools to meet your product goals. We have focused on optimized run-time software to get the best performance from the complete range of Freescale semiconductor platforms. Solutions include embedded Linux and Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) support, Hypervisor with multi-domain multicore support, secure-systems support incorporating ARM TrustZoneTM, multicore management, advanced power management for low power devices and wearables, support for 2D and 3D graphics, AUTOSAR and embedded ECU design, and the use of embedded Open Source and commercial software components. Mentor also provides consulting services for development assistance through complete product creation and delivery.

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Design Tools & Files
Sourcery™ Analyzer Models View time-based behavior and performance of complex software systems with support for single core and multicore, multi-OS systems. Suited for projects with large sets of event log, telemetry, and performance data that need in-depth analysis.
Vista™ Virtual Platforms Models Virtual prototyping with TLM 2.0 models enables timed and untimed simulation, analysis and debug of the system hardware and software in familiar IDE for both embedded developers and hardware designers.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor,Linux-Ubuntu,Linux-NXP
Development Software
Sourcery™ CodeBench IDE and Build Tools Develop with industry proven tools for C/C++ embedded applications, including compilers and run-time libraries, source- and assembly-level debugger, integrated development environment (IDE). Supports bare metal, Linux, Nucleus, other OS's.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Ubuntu,Mentor-Nucleus,Microsoft
Sourcery™ CodeBench Lite IDE and Build Tools Free command-line edition of the popular Sourcery CodeBench development tools. Available for Freescale ARM and Power Architectures for bare metal bring-up, code debug in cache, ROM, RAM, Flash. Available now for free download.
Operating System:In house-not Linux,Linux-Mentor,Linux-Montavista,Linux-RedHat,Linux-Ubuntu,Mentor-Nucleus,Microsoft
XSe® XStrace™ Test, Debug and Analyzer Software The XStrace Profiler provides a graphical env for system analysis of Linux-based systems. Typical analysis scenarios include debug problems occurring during system integration, find latency issues, analyze interrupt load, find priority issues, etc.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor,Linux
Embedded Software
AUTOSAR BSW Operating Systems Mentor Graphics provides the VSTAR AUTOSAR compliant operating system available on a range of Freescale microcontrollers.
Operating System:AUTOSAR
Mentor Embedded Linux Operating Systems A custom commercial Linux for embedded development leveraging the latest open source software, Yocto BSPs. Integrates with Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer for complex and multicore systems. GENIVI compliant for IVI platforms.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor
Nucleus® Middleware Libraries Highly config middleware libs/pkgs for gfx interfaces such as Qt or Embedded Wizard, mass storage, WiFi & networking comm, USB & other serial devices for today’s Medical, IoT & Industr’l apps; process model allows task/lib isolation & mem protection.
Operating System:Mentor-Nucleus
Nucleus® RTOS Operating Systems Nucleus has been deployed in over 3 billion devices since 1993 making the code base extremely stable. Nucleus is the only RTOS that offers a Power Management Framework to compliment hardware power modes to conserve power usage in the device.
Operating System:Mentor-Nucleus
XSe® OPTstack™ Middleware Embedded Software - miscellaneous GENIVI compliant optimized middleware layer featuring hi-perf audio & video libs & sys services. Audio mgmt, processing, integration & opt. Video capturing, graphics opt & integration. Combine with XSe SuperBSP for a complete automotive SW ref pltfm.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor,Linux
XSe® SuperBSP™ Linux Operating Systems GENIVI compliant Yocto based Linux platform for IVI software development of graphics, multimedia, audio, networking, security & more. Highly optimized XSe SuperBSP has customized boot-loaders, kernel components, & achieves ultra-fast boot times.
Operating System:Linux-Mentor,Linux
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Sourcery Embedded Software Services Mentor Graphics brings a comprehensive approach to the requirements of product planning, development & deployment of open source software based embedded projects. Sourcery Services offer expertise in GNU, LLVM, toolchain development, Linux & Android.
Operating System:Wind River-VxWorks

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8005 SW Boeckman Road
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Kalpesh  Gala
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July 2003

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