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DoGav Systems is a leading provider of software and hardware consultancy and training services. It specializes in Freescale's processors, in particular the PowerQUICC family of communication processors. It has a proven track record of over 23 years supporting Freescale customers in developing market-leading products for the communications equipment market.

DoGav Systems is Freescale's most experienced and active microcode developer for both CPM and QE. Since receiving its license in 2000, it has developed numerous customized microcode packages for both small and large Freescale customers. These packages are now successfully deployed in commercial products. In addition, DoGav Systems also offers more than 30 off-the-shelf microcode products for the PowerQUICC I, PowerQUICC II, PowerQUICC III and PowerQUICC II Pro processors.

DoGav Systems Ltd. Recommended Solutions

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Development Software
DG10030401 IDE and Build Tools A stand-alone compiler. Accepts C-like statements and generates a corresponding single C function that can be called during device initialization to install the corresponding binary image into the eTSEC Filter Machine.
N/A IDE and Build Tools A stand-alone compiler that accepts C-like statements. It generates a corresponding single C function that can then be called during device initiallization to install the corresponding binary image into the eTSEC Filter Machine.
Embedded Software
DG02010901 Code Snippets Reduces the cost of context switching by sharing the overhead associated with interrupts between a configurable number of events. Dramatically reduces the host interrupt overhead to enable to maintain real-time performance.
DG06010101 Code Snippets Separates frames from different protocols into different BD rings, resulting in significant saving on Host processing time. Application can also assign diff. priorities to diff. protocols. Supports: ARP,ICMP,TCP,NVP,UDP,IPv6,IPv6OverIP.
DG06010201 Code Snippets Enhances the standard PQII Ethernet protocol. Boosts its performance by classifying incoming Ethernet frames according to user-defined patterns and masks. Frames are then either inserted into the corresponding RxBD ring, or discarded.
DG06010301 Code Snippets Per BD request for IP and/or TCP. Saves substantial host processor budget.
DG06010501 Code Snippets This utility checks source IP and/or destination IP of incoming FCC-Ethernet frames, for exact match. Unmatched frames are discarded or routed to a special BD ring. Theoretically, up to 32K IP addresses can be supported.
DG07010401 Code Snippets A memory testing tool, implemented in microcode, for systems designed with CPM or QE-based devices. Can be used with Static, Dynamic, SDRAM and DDRx. MemTEst can also be used to fine-tune and adjust DDRx timing.
DG07010B01 Code Snippets Parses incoming Ethernet frames to up to 8 BD rings according to protocol type (UDP, TCP, ARP, etc). Additional BD ring is dedicated to unspecified protocol. Each ring has a private flag in the FCCE.
DG07010D01 Code Snippets Translates IP addresses to new IP addresses, thereby allowing a single device (router) to act as an agent between a public network and a private network. Module allows the efficient translation of multiple addresses to multiple addresses.
DG1F030201 Libraries An installable tool which dumps critical registers and stack trace-back into a predefined memory area. Also, calls an application callback function.
DG1F030301 Libraries Assembler based software that manages buffer pools. Supports pools initialization, allocation and release (free). Provides extended protection, such as double buffer release protection (can be disabled) and statistics counters.
DGPQP2008TST BSP, Drivers and Middleware stand-alone test suite that validates major functionality of MPC83xx-based boards, enabling the user to establish if hardware- related functionality and i/f operate correctly. Tests available for DUART, I2C,SPI, UCC (all protocols), DD
Independent Design House (IDH)
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Company Information

Company Headquarters
18 Nahum
Petach Tikva,ISR
Primary Contact
David  Gabbay
Member Since
September 2003

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  • NXP Technology Days Instructor-led training on a broad range of NXP solutions, available in convenient global locations.