InHand Electronics: NXP Registered Partner

nHand designs and manufactures embedded circuit boards and custom devices for original equipment manufacturers with unique product requirements. A leader in rugged mobile device design, the company’s products are used in military, medical & industrial applications. InHand’s customizable, brandable, fully-rugged tablet is available for quick-turn solutions. Specializing in design for harsh environments, InHand produces product for wet, dusty, extreme temperature, and sunlit locations that withstands jarring impacts and high vibration. InHand designs have completed MIL-STD, FCC, CE, UL, ATEX, cellular, and other certifications. Rapid time-to-market is an InHand specialty via modified COTS design services, which minimize cost, schedule, and risk. InHand is an ITAR registered company with design and ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified production facilities within the USA. The company's headquarters are located along the I-270 Technology Corridor in Rockville, MD.

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Embedded Board Solutions
Fury-F6 Embedded Board Solutions Based on i.MX 6, the Fury-F6 with its Muse-F6 carrier is ideal for rugged tablet applications. FPGA, Wi-Fi, cellular modem, sensors, display and touchscreen interface, dock port for external interfaces. Fury-F6 can also be used as a rugged module.
Operating System:Android,Linux-NXP
Number Of Cores:1,2,4
Fury-M6 Embedded Board Solutions Ultra-compact SBC based on SCM-i.MX6D. Includes LCD and resistive touchscreen interfaces, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, eMMC flash, battery management, sensors, and serial interface headers. Carrier available for additional interfaces. Compact 2.75” x 2".
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Android
Number Of Cores:2
Independent Design House (IDH)
Rugged Device Design Services for Military, Industrial, and Medical Markets Specialize in mil-spec design for portable or hand-held applications in harsh environments. FCC, CE, ATEX, wireless, & cellular certification. Systems, HW, SW, and mechanical engineering. ISO9001 & AS9100 turnkey production. Life cycle management.
Operating System:Linux-Ubuntu,Microsoft,Linux,Linux-NXP,Yocto,Android

Company Information

Company Headquarters
30 West Gude Dr
Suite 550
United States
Primary Contact
Rodney  Feldman
Member Since
MAY 2012

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